Merlot d´Or s.r.o.

The Audience Grand Cru Classé is sponsored and organized by the Merlot d´Or s. r. o. company.
The company specializes in importing wines made by the most prestigious, small-batch wineries in the world of wine. We are not interested exclusively in top names and brands; we also try to find and import wines with an interesting price-quality ratio.

The product offering of our company covers wines from all across the world, but we place particular focus on French wines, mainly those from the area of Bordeaux. Our clients have a special opportunity to buy wines in our so-called "En Primeur" campaign, which means purchasing wine before it is bottled to get prices that are more reasonable. Our company has been doing "En Primeur" business since 1998, which is why we have this extraordinary offer of so-called "great wines" from France.

Company Merlot d´Or also owns several wine shops, most notably the flagship store, the Passage Wine Gallery in Prague. This haven for wine lovers is situated directly in the center of the city in the Millenium Plaza Passage. The Wine Gallery houses the company’s largest archive of French wines. Furthermore, one part of the wine shop is a restaurant where our customers can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy unforgettable combinations of food and wines at special wine shop prices.


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